Parable of the feast: Matthew 22:1-14

Invitation to Heaven Here is an invitation that I made to go along with Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast. The host invited people to the wedding, but they chose not to come. The Lord invites everyone to heaven with His gift of eternal life, but each person has to accept it. I printed the envelope on colored card stock and the insert I printed on regular white paper.  I sealed each invitation with a gold round sticker that I picked up from Staples. s0427385_sc7


Jesus’s Party invite

Objective: Children will make in invitation and be able to invite people to heaven


Envelopes on colored construction paper

Invitation cards



Glue sticks


Golden round seal (sticker)

Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Preparation: You’ll need to cut out the envelopes and the invitation cards prior to class so that each child has one.

In class: Have the children color the invitation card. Have children decorate the side of the envelope that does NOT have the dotted lines and words on it. Use glue to attach the card to the center of the envelope. Fold the sides of the envelope on the dotted lines over the invitation card. Small sides first, then the largest side (bottom), followed by the topside. Seal with golden round seal (sticker).

Download the invite