Pentecost: Be Filled with the Spirit: Acts 2

 Acts 2 Elementary pic

Well, this year, my church is studying Acts so most of the upcoming crafts will be based out of Acts. I have seen the flame on head bands craft floating around Pinterest, but no one had a useable template, so I had to make it myself. I’ll save you the trouble. All you have to do is have some extra sheets of paper to add to the band to finish off the “hat”. The windpipe craft, I only gave to older children, but it was pretty cool to blow through the straws, and hear the rushing wind, so if you wanted to just pre make it and let the kids blow on them, I think they’d really enjoy it.

Objective: Children will make a Holy Spirit hat to represent the fire over their heads and a windpipe to be used to help them retell the Bible lesson.


  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons (red, yellow and orange)
  • Glue sticks
  • Scotch tape
  • Stapler
  • straws
  • Templates of flames and head band

Time: 10-15 min total


  • Cut out the strips for the headband. Each child will need the Bible verse strip as well as a blank strip. You may want to cut a few extra blanks just incase.
  • Portion out the flames so each child can cut their own flame.

In Class:


  • Pass out the flames to each child and explain that the Holy Spirit came down like fire and set over the believer’s heads.
  • Have them pick out the red orange and yellow markers or crayons. Have the children color the flames.
  • Pass out the pre-cut headband pieces, glue sticks and tape.
  • Have the children glue the flames on top of the x’s that are in the center of the Bible verse.
  • Have the children tape down one blank strip to each Bible verse strip to form a band the band. If they need more length add an extra blank strip to the other side of the Bible verse.
  • Take each band and measure the child’s head and staple it with the flat part of the staple on the inside of the band.


  • Take a long piece of tape for each child and tape the ends to the table so the sticky side is facing up, but it is secured to the table.
  • Take 12 straws and lay them tightly down on the tape taking care to line up the non-bendy ends. The non-bendy ends will be the strait side where the children will blow into them.
  • Roll the tape up and over the straws securing them.
  • Use the scissors to cut a diagonal line cutting off the bendy part of the straws to create the windpipe.
  • Children can blow into the straws creating the rushing wind sound of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2 Flames 1 of 2

Acts 2 Flames 2 of 2


No one Knows the Hour: Jesus’ Second Coming:Mathew 24:36-42


The Bible says that no one knows the day that Jesus is coming back! This little clock is great for any age. It really doesn’t matter if the kids put the number in the correct order or not because we don’t know the time! I love that about this craft, and I think the clock is kind of cute too!

Objective: Children will make a clock that can watch for us


Clock face


Pipe cleaners “hands”

Googly eyes



Glue sticks

Time: about 15-20 minutes

Preparation: Use a razor blade or edge of scissors to cut a small opening in the center of the clock face so that the brad will go through more easily.  Depending on the age of your children, you may want to cut out the numbers ahead of time and just hand them to the kids already cut out.

 In Class:

  • pass out the clock faces and the numbers. Have the children glue the numbers in the boxes on the clock face. It doesn’t matter if they are in order because we don’t know the time anyhow!
  • Pass out the brads and poke the brad into the center of the clock face and secure it.
  • Wrap a pipe cleaner around the brad and have the children bend and point the “hands” any way they like.
  • Glue on googly eyes to complete the clock face

Be ready for Jesus

Do this in Remembrance of Me: The last supper: Luke 22:7-23

Dinner with Jesus

What better way to have the last supper with Jesus than to have your own place setting?! Here is a place mat with a Bible verse, and a plate, cup and bread to put on the plate. You can go over what Jesus said to His disciples and then hand out the cup an plate and have your kids glue them on. I felt like it might help them remember just a little better if they could hold something in their hand.

Objective: Children will make a place setting with the elements of the last supper


Placemats with Bible truth

Plate and cup pages

Bread pages


Glue sticks

Time: about 10-20 minutes

Preparation: For smaller children, you can cut out the plates and cups. You can leave them to cut the bread if you’d like since it is “torn” or you can cut that out as well. Each child will receive one loaf of bread.

In Class:

  • Pass out the plate and cup page. Have children color and the cut them out.
  • Pass out the loaves of bread and have then children cut one out as well.
  • Pass out the placemats. The children can color and decorate these as well.
  • Have the children glue the cup and the plate down and glue the bread on the plate.

Last Supper Place setting

He is risen: Mary at Jesus’ tomb: John 20:1-18

Hooray Jesus is alive.

How do we show our excitement? Why not cheer? Yes. I was on my high school cheerleading team…and I did learn things that I’ve used later in life, like how to get 4 year olds to do a dance in sync with others for a Christmas play, but that is neither here nor there.

I made a template for the megaphone by googling “megaphone template” that didn’t get me too cars o I just googled ” party hat template” so much better. I printed one out, drew a handle on it and cut it out. There you go. Your own template! In addition to using the megaphone to shout that Jesus is alive, Mary was most certainly over come with joy. So make up a little cheer to go with pom poms.

Who died on the cross?


Who rose from the grave?


Yay! Jesus!

( I never said I made up amazing cheers, just that I was on the team, ok.)

Shout the Good News: Jesus is alive so shout it and rejoice

 Objective: Children will be able to use their own megaphone and pompoms to shout the joy that Jesus is alive


Megaphone template ( make your own)

PomPom Handles template

Tissue paper, two sheets per child

Crayons, markers or colored pencils


Glue sticks & staplers or tape

Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Preparation: You will need to cut the tissue paper into strips to make the pompoms. Take one sheet of tissue paper open it up and lay it out. Fold it in half left to right. Turn the tissue paper so the folded side is at the top. Fold again from left to right. Once again turn the folded side of the tissue paper so the fold is on the top and cut 1 in. strips starting at the bottom leaving about 1 ½ in. at the top so the strips all stay connected. Once the strips are cut, fold the tissue paper in half left to right and in half again, and in half again. Staple once. You need 2 per child. Now the pompom is ready for the handles to be added in class.For smaller children, you will want to cut out the megaphone for them, as well as the handles. If your children are a little older, they may want to cut it out themselves.

In class: Pass out the megaphone. Have children color them any way they like. Use any medium you’d like, crayons, markers or colored pencils.

To make the megaphone, you can use glue sticks to seal and secure with a staple on each side or you can simply tape the seam.

Pass out two handles to each child. Fold in half, sandwich the pompom and staple at the base.

Hooray Jesus is alive

Jesus crucified for our sins: Matthew 11:3-6; 16:15-16; 21:6-15 Luke 23:26-49 John 4:25-26, 42

Our sins on the cross

I was hoping to impact the children to make what Jesus did for them more personal. We know that Christ sided for us, but stoping to take the time to think about it and see it on paper was something I wanted them to participate in. You could do this by just coming up with any sins or you could personalize it with the sins that the kids know that they do such as lying to make them truly look within themselves. I found this Jesus on the web, but you could also make your own Jesus out of a different medium and use a wooden cross and write your sins on it with markers if you want it to last longer and be added to your Easter display.


 Objective: Children will make crosses to remind them of Christ’s sacrifice


Cross template

Jesus template



Glue stick

Time: 15 to 20 minutes

Preparation: You can cut out the crosses and Jesus’ if you’d like.

In Class:

  • Give the children the picture of Jesus. Have them color Him and cut Him out.
  • Ask the children to think of some sins. For every sin they think of they should write it down in a different color and direction on the cross. You may have to help them by writing some sins on the board for them.
  • Have them cut out the cross.
  • Have the children glue Jesus to the cross explaining that every sin we commit is what stuck Jesus on the cross.

our sins on the cross

Jesus Crucified: Matthew 11:3-6; 16:15-16; 21:6-15 Luke 23:26-49 John 4:25-26, 42


Paid in full

Tired of cross crafts? I found a pic on Pinterest  but it was a broken link that leads nowhere. It looked strait forward enough and I love a handprint craft! I liked the little red nail print wound. It is a reminder that we are the ones who’s sins nailed Jesus to the cross.  No template needed.

Paid in Full

Objective: Children will make handprint with nail wounds to remind them of what Jesus did for them. This 5X7 cardstock will easily fit in a frame if the mother so chooses.


5X7 Black Cardstock

white paint

red paint

paint brush

Cup (the kind you use for water will be sufficient)


Dustless chalk

Time: about 2 minutes per child

In Class:

  • On the back of your black cardstock write the child’s name in pencil or a white crayon
  • Take each child individually and have them spread their hand out as far as their fingers will stretch. Paint their hand with a light coat of white paint.
  • Press the hand down towards the top center of the page.
  • Clean child’s hands well in sink or with wipes.
  • Using the chalk, in all capitals, write below the hand:



  • Dip index finger in some red paint and add a nail wound to the center of the palm.

Jesus Clears the Temple: Mark 11:15-19 also John 2:13-20

What belongs in God's house

What kind of craft can you make to show Jesus’ righteous anger in the temple as He cleared out the temple? Making whips with twenty 3 year olds didn’t seem like a smart option. So what’s the lesson of the story that a toddler can grasp? There are certain things that belong in God’s house and certain things that do not.

God’s House is Special

 Objective: Children will decide what belongs in God’s House and what does not


Things the belong in God’s House worksheet

Things that do NOT belong in God’s House worksheet

Item cut-outs sheet



Glue sticks

Time: 10 to 20 minutes

Preparation: For smaller children, you may want to cut out the 8 squares of pictures and have them separated into 8 baggies for easy passing out to each child.

In class: Pass out the sheet with the 8 items on it (squares if you have pre-cut them). Have children color each of the pictures. You may also want to have the children color the “What belongs/does not belong…” sheets as well and have them color them at this time. Have the children cut out the 8 squares along the dotted lines. Go over each item with the children. Remind them of the story and have them decide what belongs in God’s House and what belongs outside. Use glue sticks and stick 4 items on each page. Ask them what else could go in God’s House.

Things that belong in God’s house

things that belong in God’s house 2 of 2