Do this in Remembrance of Me: The last supper: Luke 22:7-23

Dinner with Jesus

What better way to have the last supper with Jesus than to have your own place setting?! Here is a place mat with a Bible verse, and a plate, cup and bread to put on the plate. You can go over what Jesus said to His disciples and then hand out the cup an plate and have your kids glue them on. I felt like it might help them remember just a little better if they could hold something in their hand.

Objective: Children will make a place setting with the elements of the last supper


Placemats with Bible truth

Plate and cup pages

Bread pages


Glue sticks

Time: about 10-20 minutes

Preparation: For smaller children, you can cut out the plates and cups. You can leave them to cut the bread if you’d like since it is “torn” or you can cut that out as well. Each child will receive one loaf of bread.

In Class:

  • Pass out the plate and cup page. Have children color and the cut them out.
  • Pass out the loaves of bread and have then children cut one out as well.
  • Pass out the placemats. The children can color and decorate these as well.
  • Have the children glue the cup and the plate down and glue the bread on the plate.

Last Supper Place setting


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