Jesus crucified for our sins: Matthew 11:3-6; 16:15-16; 21:6-15 Luke 23:26-49 John 4:25-26, 42

Our sins on the cross

I was hoping to impact the children to make what Jesus did for them more personal. We know that Christ sided for us, but stoping to take the time to think about it and see it on paper was something I wanted them to participate in. You could do this by just coming up with any sins or you could personalize it with the sins that the kids know that they do such as lying to make them truly look within themselves. I found this Jesus on the web, but you could also make your own Jesus out of a different medium and use a wooden cross and write your sins on it with markers if you want it to last longer and be added to your Easter display.


 Objective: Children will make crosses to remind them of Christ’s sacrifice


Cross template

Jesus template



Glue stick

Time: 15 to 20 minutes

Preparation: You can cut out the crosses and Jesus’ if you’d like.

In Class:

  • Give the children the picture of Jesus. Have them color Him and cut Him out.
  • Ask the children to think of some sins. For every sin they think of they should write it down in a different color and direction on the cross. You may have to help them by writing some sins on the board for them.
  • Have them cut out the cross.
  • Have the children glue Jesus to the cross explaining that every sin we commit is what stuck Jesus on the cross.

our sins on the cross


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